Sunday, 5 May 2024
15 h – 18 h        Registration (Hofburg)
14 h 30              ESST Executive Meeting (Hofburg, Radetzky I)
16 h 30              ESST Council Meeting (Hofburg, Künstlerzimmer)
19 h                   ESST Welcome Reception (Riesenrad Panorama, Invitation AGRANA)

Monday, 6 May 2024
8 h                     Registration (Hofburg)
8 h                     Ausschuss für Preisarbeiten (Hofburg,Künstlerzimmer)
9 h 30                ESST SC Meeting (Hofburg,Künstlerzimmer)
9 h 30                VDZ Vorstandssitzung (Hofburg, Radetzky I)
9 h 30                Treffen der “Jungen Mitglieder” (Hofburg, Radetzky III)

13 h 30 – 18 h   Opening, Plenary Sessions (Hofburg)
18–20 h             Get together in exhibition area

Tuesday, 7 May 2024
9–17 h 15         Plenary Sessions
19 h 30             Reception at Schweizerhaus (Prater
20 h                  Dinner at Schweizerhaus (Invitation FZÖ; Dresscode: smart casual)

Wednesday, 8 May 2024
9 h                    VDZ Hauptversammlung (Hofburg)
10–13 h            Plenary Sessions (Hofburg)



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Sunday, 5 May 2024
19 h        ESST Welcome Reception 

Monday, 6 May 2024
18–20 h Get together in exhibition area

Tuesday, 7 May 2024
9 h 45     Sightseeing tour of Vienna by bus
12 h        Guided Tour of Vienna
               “Zuckergoscherl & Mehlspeistiger”
                in English and German 

19 h 30   Dinner at Schweizer Haus  
               (Dresscode: smart casual)



Monday, 6 May 2024

13 h 30 Opening
Bram Fetter, Harald Powitz


Plenary Presentation –
Chairman: Piotr Wawro

13 h 40 Norbert Harringer (CTO Agrana)
Sustainability and decarbonisation in the sugar market
14 h 10 Erik Bek-Pedersen (Topsoe)
Sugarbased chemicals and fuels – ongoing developments and trends


Challenges in decarbonization of sugar production –
Chairman: Wolfgang Klosterhalfen

15 h 00 Josh Gartland
Climate Neutrality Toolbox of CEFS
15 h 25 Coffee break
15 h 55 Stephane Petit
“Digital energy twin” project
16 h 20 Daniel Nouws, M. van Dijk
Integrating thermal vapor recompression in a sugar factory
16 h 45 Saiedeh Wicht, Yannis Affeldt, Boris Morgenroth
Beet sugar factory decarbonisations
17 h 10

Nils Träber, Wjatscheslaw Popov, Deike Laue
Energy and cost efficiency in the sugar house: combining proven methods with continuous crystallisation and vapour compression

17 h 35 Sébastien Schellen, Vincent Couplet, Adrien Couplet
Efficient crystallization: Paving the way to 100% electrification in crystallization
18 h 00 Bestowal of ESST Science Award


Tuesday, 7 May 2024

Short Presentations
Chairman: Piotr Wawro
9 h 00 Mischa Baier
Slurry, viscosity reducer and color remover for efficient and energy-saving sucrose crystallization based on laboratory data and field tests
  Mario Gürtl
Sugarlyzer 5000 – the fully automated factory-control lab
  Stefan Schöpf
Revolutionary candle type precoat filtration within the sugar industry
  I. Bejenke, T. Erichsen, E. Hilscher
The future shines bright – Implementation of NIRS-based process-analytical systems in sugar factories
  Jakab Rózsa
Perfecting supersaturation curves in various sugar crystallization processes
  Karin Abraham, Karl Schlumbach, Luiza Fritzsche, Eckhard Flöter
The effect of Dextran on sucrose crystal color and morphology

Chairman: Stephane Petit

9 h 40 Martin Bruhns
The beet sugar factory – a European cultural asset
10 h 05 Dierk Martin
ICUMSA®: aims, development and current activities
10 h 30 Coffee break and Poster Session


Sugar technology knowledge transfer to new generations – challenges and good practices –
Chairman: John Jensen, Eckhard Flöter

11 h 10

Panel Discussion
L. Rademaker, P. van Dam
Operator Training System – Practical experiences in the sugar industry
Isabel Altmann
Bringing shift work closer to young skilled workers
V. Baumann, S. Boetcher, N. Bertram
Humans, Technology, Organization: Managing Generation Change in Sugar Analytics
Mahesh Kumar MurugaiahDigitally Bridging Generations: LLM-RAG Innovation in Sugar Industry
Maciej Wojtczak, Aneta Antczak-Chrobot: Educating the next generation of sugar technology experts: best practices and challenges

12 h 30 Lunch


Chairman: Stefan Frenzel

13 h 45 Romy Ries
Weihenstephan Standards and OPC UA – Paving the way for transparent and efficient future production
14 h 10 Bo Stig
Energy optimizing vacuum pans through machine learning
14 h 20

Brett Stewart
Transforming Sugar Manufacturing with the Power of Artificial Intelligence

14 h 30 Wolfgang Klosterhalfen, Mark O. Burkhardt
Visual Smart Sensor (VSS) for cossettes quality determination (VSS cossettes)
Visual Smart Sensor (VSS) for beet quality determination (VSS external beet quality)
15 h 05 Coffee break


Climate change and beet availability and quality
Chairman: Marco de Vries

15 h 35 Stefan Frenzel
Technical and technological effects of changing texture properties of sugar beet
16 h 00 Karl Schlumbach, Jörg Tuchert
Beet Texture – Technological value of texture altered beets
16 h 25 Christa Hoffmann
Impact of drought stress on yield, quality, and beet texture of sugar beet
16 h 50 Fernando Finger
Relationship of long-term storage and raffinose metabolism in sugarbeet


Wednesday, 8 May 2024

9 h 00 VDZ-Mitgliederversammlung
(nur für VDZ-Mitglieder / only for VDZ members)


General Sugar Technology
Chairman: Barbara Muir

10 h Karl Schlumbach, Susanne Rudolph, Daniel Eichstädt, Eckhard Flöter
First steps towards a process model of extraction towers
10 h 25 Rebekka Birke, B. Zwirzitz, F. Emerstorfer, K.J. Domig
Biodegradation potentials of microorganisms in sugar factories
10 h 50 Janus Egholm, Ricco Kügler
In-line detection of foreign particles and color measurement for dry sugar on conveyor belt
11 h 15 Coffee break


General Sugar Technology
Chairman: Florian Emerstorfer

11 h 35 Felix Geisendörfer, Eckhard Flöter
Numerical modelling regarding the role of sucrose crystals for the evaporation process within a discontinuous evaporating crystallizer
11 h 55 Christiane Lakenbrink
Application of rapid methods for product release
12 h 15 Manuel Ruiz Holst, Leandro Dinnocenzo
Solids-liquid filtration technology and solutions in the sugar beet processing and sugar production
12 h 35 Marlies Rothauer
Quality management systems and their further development
12 h 55 Final remarks
13 h 05 End of conference



Sugar beet analysis using HPCEC-RI and ITP
Henke, S. Gillarová, K. Chalupný, Š. Zvěřina, D. Kulichová, Z. Bubník, P. Kadlec, V. Pour

Crystallization process optimization with on-line process microscope
Markus Honkanen, Hannu Eloranta, Harjeet Singh Bola, Boris Morgenroth, Naresh Saini

Enhancing production safety and reliability: Smart vibration motors for screens and feeders
Markus Kratz

Assessment of dust explosions in the sugar industry with regard to screening technology
Tristan Stephan

ITECA on-line crystal growth technology applied to improving pan stage performance: Review of some applications
Clarie Rua, Catherine Bouche

Alternative suspension agents for slurry production
Jens Mahrholz, Andreas Lehnberger

Comments on validity and benefits of sucrose crystals colour determination by laboratory and indirect real-time method, with comparison between the two
Bjarne Christian Nielsen

Process development of beet sugar factories: reduction of fossil energy and CO2-emmissions based on master plan of technology improvements
Quido Smejkal and Arash Bagherzadeh

Can I improve the efficiency of my batch centrifuge when I change the basket
Philip Schofield

Changes in composition and metabolism of sugarbeet root cell walls during storage
Karen Fugate, Abbas Lafta, Mohamed Khan and Fernando Finger

Application of continuous chromatography for mannitol production
S. Gillarová, S. Henke, Z. Bubník, P. Kadlec, E. Šárka, V. Pour

First steps towards optimized process condition in tower extraction as a function of beet quality
Sakurako Yagami, Karl Schlumbach, Eckhard Flöter

Characterization and purification of technical non-sucrose solutions
Sakurako Yagami, Karl Schlumbach, Eckhard Flöter

Upgrading two falling-film evaporators at the Chortkiv sugar factory, Ukraine – design and installation of centrifugal juice separators below the calandria
Martin Bruhns


Hofburg Vienna

1010 Vienna,